What will it take for you to do the thing that you’ve been avoiding or stalling to do? For me, sudden death became a catalyst to inspire. My father had many well-developed plans for his life, which he, unfortunately, didn’t get an opportunity to experience. Someone encouraged me to take a leap of faith, and I did. From there, I’ve never been the same.

Yes, we all have important obligations such as family, relationships, and various other commitments. There are times many of us feel a bit selfish because we have this desire to seek out something more, but it’s not selfishness. I call it meaning. If you are one of those people who want more, then more is what you should find. It’s simply a plan that is constructed then executed.

Create the plan. Even if the plan is slow in creation. The plan and the creation process will ignite the flame inside of you. Traveling across half of the world has developed a feeling inside of me that I am capable of more than I thought.

Granted you may not need to travel across the world, maybe it’s asking that girl or guy out on a date, going an extra five minutes on the treadmill, or it’s taking that photography class that you’ve been telling yourself that you wanted to take.

Bottomline is this: do it. Whatever it is, just do it. Time isn’t on our side, nor is it against us, but life moves with or without our participation. We are here anyway, for whatever reason, life breathed into your mind, body, and spirit. Me, you, we are all here. Let us make the very best out of the life that we have been given.

I encourage all of you to do what makes you feel alive. Do what makes you feel joy even while you are balancing the important obligations. It is possible, you just have to carve a plan, believe in your plan, and then be involved in the process of it coming to life.