An Emotional Move To College: It's Good To Plan Ahead

An Emotional Move To College: It’s Good To Plan Ahead5 min read

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You wake up one day it’s time for your child to leave the nest because your child is entering college. It’s an emotional move to college it’s good to plan ahead. There are so many feelings involved.

You’re terrified but excited. You want your child to remain your baby for a little while longer. However, the time has come for your child to become their person.

You hope and pray that your child can stand their ground because you’ve instilled enough values and habits to keep them there. However, parenting isn’t full-proof.

You begin to doubt yourself, but then you remember how awesome you are. Therefore it’s only natural that your child is even more awesome.  Either way, you accept what is because you can’t change the past and the future isn’t here. All you have is this moment. All you have is now.

Furthermore, it’s time for you to step out on faith because no matter what you’re a phone call away, a drive away, or a plane ticket away. And this means that you will always be there for your child.

It’s an emotional move to college it’s good to plan ahead. My emotions overwhelmed me because it took me so long to come to terms with this moment. One of the greatest loves of all time is a parent-child love.

An Emotional Move To College: It's Good To Plan AheadAn Emotional Move To College: It's Good To Plan Ahead

An Emotional Move To College: It's Good To Plan Ahead

An Emotional Move To College: It's Good To Plan AheadAn Emotional Move To College: It's Good To Plan Ahead


































An Emotional Move To College: It’s Good To Plan Ahead

I blinked and absorbed the reality that my son, I, and my ex-girlfriend were on a flight heading to Orlando.  My emotions were a mixture of feeling overwhelmed, anxious, excited, and sad. It all fogged my clarity.

My ex-girlfriend helped me to navigate the entire move-in. I am thankful because I didn’t prepare for the emotional turmoil. It’s an emotional move to college so it’s good to plan ahead.

We stayed at a super chic and clean Airbnb in Orlando. Still, a bit further from the University than I wanted yet close enough to the mall, Target, and Ikea. It made it easy to furnish my son’s apartment.

Although I had a great experience with this Airbnb, I will never stay at another Airbnb again. The reasons are too long to list.

The Apartment
My son already had a two-bedroom apartment finalized. However, he didn’t have a roommate. It took some time to locate one.

We had to furnish the apartment. I fiddled with the idea of renting a U-haul truck and transporting the furniture. However, I didn’t want to lift or move any furniture. I hired a moving company from Craigslist. They did great work fast.

Next, I used a service called Handy for the first time. It’s a site that you can hire people to outsource the tasks that you don’t want to do. I hired them to put the furniture together. Retail Me Not had incredible discounts for Handy.  Retail Me Not has access to various coupons from lots of different retailers. It’s pretty damn cool.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned from my real estate career is to value your time. There are a lot of tasks that we can do ourselves, however, what is your time worth?

Outsourcing these tasks, gave me the opportunity to spend more time with my son. It also gave me less grief. Imagine, traveling through traffic, renting a U-haul truck, and putting furniture pieces together–that would’ve frustrated me.

There were a few hiccups along the way. Although, I scheduled the moving truck and Handy after each other the leasing office wouldn’t allow me into the apartment because my son is 18.

I didn’t think about that. My son is an adult. His mother needs permission to enter. Like, when did that happen? At any rate, I didn’t have the keys, and the moving truck arrived at the apartment. They made it there before me.

Thankfully, maintenance allowed them in. The Universe moved things forward for me.

Handy arrived and assembled the chair alongside my son’s desk. They couldn’t assemble the bed because the screws were missing.  The fury for Ikea bellowed inside of me like a slowly filled water balloon within seconds of bursting. I prepaid Handy to assemble the furniture.

I drove 30 minutes away during lunchtime traffic to rip Ikea a new one. When I arrived at Ikea, I joined the equally exasperated and aggravated people in the queue. The manager at Ikea listened to my story, gave me a new set of parts and $20 for gas. He apologized for the inconvenience.

When I finally returned Handy had to leave for another job. I could rehire them if need be. At that point, I accepted my fate. I took my son to Target to furnish his apartment. By midnight we had two carts filled with stuff.

I’m really into astrology. I moved my son during Mercury Retrograde. However, maybe you don’t believe in that because you think it’s all foolery.

Regardless, during that time I experienced mishap after mishap, financial issues, things went missing, and absolutely nothing went right. Again, everything that could go wrong did.

It’s such an emotional move to college, that’s why it’s good to plan ahead. It’s so emotional that it took two parts to tell the story.


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