Apartment Move-Ins During Mercury Retrograde (Part 2)

Apartment Move-Ins During Mercury Retrograde (Part 2)9 min read

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Apartment Cont’d
Handy wasn’t able to assemble the furniture because Ikea failed to provide the hardware in the boxes. Handy agreed to return the next morning to complete the job Apartment Move-Ins During Mercury Retrograde (Part 2).

Apartment Move-Ins During Mercury Retrograde (Part 2)

By now it’s Saturday, September 24th. In a few hours, I have to board a plane to Los Angeles to begin my adventure in Thailand. My flight departed around 6 pm that evening. Time was not on my side. I legitimately had a nervous breakdown. Thoughts invaded my head:

Time was not on my side. I legitimately had a nervous breakdown. Thoughts invaded my head: I didn’t spend enough time with my son before I left. Everything that I planned didn’t go right. I deeply felt that I screwed everything up.

I felt like an utter failure. There wasn’t time to wallow in self-defeating thoughts. There were still tasks on the to-do list. After a solid solo cry in the car, I was ready to tackle the day.

I called Handy (he provided me with his personal number) to confirm that he was still meeting me at K’s apartment. He said yes and asked if I scheduled the appointment through the app. I said no. I told Handy, “You never mentioned scheduling anything through the app!”

He says to me, “Yes that’s the only way we’ll do it.” I told Handy that I would call back. I was heading to the apartment when he said this; I scrolled through the app to check if I could schedule another appointment. Yes, I was texting and driving, I don’t advocate it, it’s a terrible habit.

Anyway, I tried to schedule the appointment in the Handy app, but it wouldn’t let me do it. They didn’t schedule same day appointments. On top of that, they were trying to charge me full price.

I finally arrived at the apartment. Apartment move-ins during mercury retrograde (Part 2) wasn’t the best decision. I called Handy. He didn’t pick up. I texted Handy; he didn’t text me back. I called Handy again, and a woman with a thick Jamaican accent picks up the phone.

“Yes.” She said uninterested.“Hello, yes, is [Handy] available?” I asked.“Who is this?” She asks in a vile tone, the way a woman wants to know if you’re the other woman who is sleeping with her man.I clarified my role to her by saying, “I have an appointment with [Handy] he was supposed to be here at 10 a.m.”“Did you request the appointment through the app?”“No, I wasn’t informed to do so, I told [Handy] this. I also said that I would leave a large trip.”“No appointment, then he nuh

I clarified my role to her by saying, “I have an appointment with [Handy] he was supposed to be here at 10 a.m.” “Did you request the appointment through the app?” “No, I wasn’t informed to do so, I told [Handy] this. I also said that I would leave a large trip.”“No appointment, then he nuh

I also said that I would leave a large trip.” “No appointment, then he nuh go to set up nutin, we no work like dis, yeah? We nuh go do nuthin.” The woman was loud and rude. I was so frustrated that I just hung up the phone.

Exasperated by the outcome, I sat down on the assembled chair defeated by the events that had transpired. It was time to accept that I had to assemble this bed. In search of the hardware, I ripped open the plastic bag that contained all of the necessary pieces.

I crossed referenced the number of screws on the instructions booklet with the number of screws in the bag. Wow, I can’t believe this!

The hardware was still incomplete! The pieces to assemble the bed were still missing. I had to travel 30 minutes back to Ikea to retrieve the hardware. I said to myself quietly in a quiet and controlled murmur, “Someones dying today. And someone is giving me all of my money back, every last bit of it.”


I arrived at Ikea 30 minutes later. My blood was boiling from anger and frustration. By now it’s 11 a.m., and I am getting closer and closer to my flight.

A Saturday at Ikea is mayhem. There are families with their children, couples, and singles waiting in line. Everyone annoyed with Ikea and annoyed with each other. Everyone looked worn but ready for a battle. I grabbed my ticket from the queue station and waited for Ikea to call my number. There were no seats available.

After waiting 20 minutes, my number was finally called. I walked up to the cashier and said, “May I please speak to a manager.” The poor cashier quickly walked over to grab a manager. We’ll call the manager, Crystal.

“How can I help you?” Crystal asks in a very friendly tone. “Crystal, I must preface this by saying that I am beyond angry with Ikea at this moment. I visited Ikea twice in the past 24 hours without any resolutions. I’ve had to drive over an hour back and forth to get here.”

“All because Ikea neglected to have all of the necessary hardware that I need to assemble my son’s bed. I have to get on a flight today and my son doesn’t have a bed. The first time I came here, the manager gave me $20 for gas and sent me on my way. I had to hire movers to transport the furniture to my son’s apartment.”

“Then I had to hire professionals to assemble the furniture and now I am financially in the negative from this disaster. I am not leaving here until I obtain a full refund from Ikea for the movers that I had to use, the assembly that I pre-paid for but that never finished. And I am requesting that Ikea pays for what I am out of financially. I am also requesting that Ikea brings professionals to assemble my son’s bedroom set.”


“Oh my God! I am so sorry to hear this has happened to you. How much did you pay for the movers and assembly for the furniture?” I told her what I paid.

Not only did Ikea provide me a full refund but they also had professionals scheduled to come out on Monday to assemble the furniture for FREE. I humbly thanked Crystal for her exceptional customer service skills and almost cried on her lap.

But again, this isn’t Ikea’s fault. I take full responsibility for the lack of planning, lack of thought, and the lack of questions that I didn’t ask to avoid this serious mishap.

Let’s rewind a bit. I did call Handy to seek a partial refund for the work that wasn’t completed. At first, Handy denied my request. However, after driving from Ikea about an hour later, I received an email from Handy stating that they would indeed provide me with the refund.

One would think that I was winning, but I didn’t feel like a winner. I wasted a lot of time, money, and energy as a result of poor planning.

While in Orlando, K and I worked out at Title Boxing. K wanted to box. Therefore we registered him as a member. Next, we sat by the pool and talked. At this point, we talked about life, choices, and responsibility.

Finances became a huge topic as well as maintaining a clean home. He listened attentively then asked questions. The moment was beautiful.


Despite all of the mishaps, K was happy. He looked forward to his new home. S and I left his kitchen cabinets full. I left him with some cash, and I hugged him so tightly that I think his spleen broke.

I cried and I hyperventilated. In the end, I was a proud mom who was witnessing the next chapter in her son’s life. My heart filled with gratitude for the opportunity to see this transition. I also thanked S for calming me down.

I thanked S for all that she did to help me transition my son into college. She then gently and lovingly told me that I needed to get more organized. She reassured me that my son would be okay because he’s a great kid.


K holding the keys inside his new apartment.

What are some lessons that you have learned from motherhood? Share and comment below!

Lessons I’ve learned:

  1. Check, double, and triple check everything especially during Mercury Retrograde. Don’t assume anything. If I merely had checked to make sure all of the pieces were intact prior to leaving Ikea there would be no reason to return.
  2. If I spoke with the leasing office sooner about the process of obtaining the keys, there would be no need to have panicked the way that I did.  
  3. Clarifying with Handy about the process of rescheduling would have avoided the amount wasted the following day. 
  4. The biggest one of all was dealing with my overwhelming emotions sooner would have avoided the flooding I felt while in Florida. K would’ve also been able to move earlier which means there would’ve been a cushion to ease him in as well as any mishaps that might have occurred.  Cramming everything in so quickly in a short amount of time was avoidable. 
  5. Deal with every issue head-on and over time it becomes easier to manage. 
  6. I was angry with Ikea and mad at Handy. The woman on the other side of the phone infuriated me. In all honestly, I took 100% responsibility. My ego lashed at everyone else but myself and in reality all of the mishaps that I experienced centered around one person “ME”. It wasn’t Ikea’s fault, nor Handy’s fault. Furthermore, it wasn’t the woman on the phone’s fault. It was mine. 
  7. I had to get better organized with my life.

This is me riding a bike in Target. K was embarrassed. We got in trouble. 🙁

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