How To Connect To Loved Ones Abroad: 3 Easy Ways

How To Connect To Loved Ones Abroad: 3 Easy Ways5 min read

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How To Connect To Loved Ones Abroad: 3 Easy Ways

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Remember when things were the same a long time ago and then one day it all changed? When I decided to move abroad, I knew intellectually what that meant. How to connect to loved ones abroad: 3 easy ways are listed below.

When we decide to go across the globe, there are some sacrifices that we make. The distance that we create changes relationships, conversely, some for the better and some for the worse.

When I moved away, I didn’t expect to experience a massive nostalgia about one holiday. Thanksgiving. As a Haitian, it’s not a holiday that we celebrate because it isn’t part of our culture.

However, growing up my aunt wanted us to feel a sense of belonging, therefore, it became a part of our lives.

When we have a loved one that moves abroad, there are ways to remain connected.

The distance is difficult because nothing replaces the real thing. However, there are ways that you can work through the nostalgia. I identify below how to connect to loved ones abroad: 3 easy ways.


How To Connect To Loved Ones Abroad: 3 Easy Ways

1. Send a Video

So, your loved one is across the globe, somewhere either drinking fresh coconut water from actual coconuts in Thailand.

Or maybe, they are in Japan eating ramen from a ramen master. You may think that they don’t miss you. However, they do.

Creating a video will show them how much you miss them. It could be a video about anything, what matters is that you show and tell your loved ones that you care.

While living in Thailand, I missed out on my favorite holiday which is Thanksgiving. I’ve never missed Thanksgiving, and it’s a big deal in my family.

So much so, that we often have people calling us in advance to find out the details. Our Thanksgiving has ranged from wild parties (with a DJ) to sit down dinners.

My wonderful sister constructed a video of friends and family sending me Thanksgiving wishes. That beautiful gesture made all the difference when I felt so far away and disconnected.

Further, if you put a video together for your loved one abroad, I guarantee that they will feel moved by the gesture.

In fact, briefly, I thought to myself, maybe I should return home?

However, I knew in my heart that I should commit to this life changing experience because a little distance from our comfort zone creates growth within.

2. Call and Email Them

I know what you may think. Your loved one is jet setting across the Pacific Ocean.

Then you see them on Instagram bathing with elephants in Chiang Mai. Next, you’re on Facebook, and they are meeting random people in hostels while tasting the local beer.

You’re thinking, oh they are having a blast, I don’t need to call them.

Call and email them.

Your loved ones will be happy to hear from you. The time zone difference will affect the frequency.

When I’m awake, my family is usually sleeping, under those circumstances, I get it. However, your loved one wants to hear from you.

My brother calls a few times per week. On top of that, he isn’t mindful of the time zone difference because I’ll get phone calls at 3 a.m. But I lit up when he or any other member of my family calls.


How To Connect To Loved Ones Abroad: 3 Easy Ways

While living in another country, you have no idea how grateful we are for the opportunity to speak English for longer than 5 minutes. To speak with someone who understands us and vice versa, besides teaching, I would spend consecutive days attempting to communicate in the local language only.

Therefore, we are grateful when someone gets our jokes. Jokes and nuances are often not the same in other countries, so, talking to loved ones help us to remember how that feels.

How To Connect To Loved Ones Abroad: 3 Easy Ways

3. Send a Care Package

As I write this blog post, my family is putting together a care package for me.

Find out what your loved one is missing and put something together that you know they will scream for joy. Honestly, when we travel abroad for extended periods of time a lot of us begin to feel grateful for the little things.

In particular, we start to miss familiar items. For example, favorite lotions, oils, shampoos, and favorite treats.

I remember when I lived in Thailand, I met this Polish couple who were teachers. The girlfriend’s mother sent Polish meats and chocolates. We celebrated that day!

Your loved one is going to jump for joy when they receive a surprise care package from you.

How To Connect To Loved Ones Abroad: 3 Easy Ways

















To put it briefly, we all crave connection, a sense of belonging because we want to know someone cares. Traveling abroad at various times is isolating, it’s unfamiliar and strange. These are just a few samples of how to connect to loved ones abroad: 3 easy ways.

However, to ease that transition, it’s essential for families that have a strong bond to continue that relationship overseas.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to call, feel free to email, or send that video, not only will it make you feel connected to them, but it will make them feel like you still remember them.

What are some things that you have done to stay connected with a loved one abroad?

If you’re living abroad, which holidays do you miss the most?

Lessons that I’ve learned:

  1. Leave the nest, even if it’s just for a little while. If nothing else you can always return home.
  2. Don’t forget to tell your family you love them. Call each other and keep in touch. 
  3. Despite being homesick, and experiencing some level of discomfort, try to stick it out abroad for as long as you can. The transformations within will surprise you. 

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