7 Quality Ways To Improving Your Emotional Health While Abroad

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Depression is a silent killer. Often, we don't realize that depression affects high-functioning individuals as well. Depression doesn't discriminate. I discuss the 7 quality ways to improving your emotional health while abroad. 30% of women are depressed in the United States. 54% of people perceive depression as a weakness. 41% of women are too embarrassed to ask for treatment. 80% of individuals are untreated for depression. 92% of African-American males don't seek treatment. 15% of people will commit suicide. 30% of[...]

10 Things You Should Know About Thailand

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I have been living in Thailand for the last six months. Thus far, I’ve had an incredible experience. I’ve grown in ways that I never expected to. I’ve learned things that I never thought that I would learn. And of course, I’ve had fantastic food! But there are a lot of stuff that I wish I knew beforehand that could’ve made my experience a little more comfortable.
One Graduation, Frantic Funeral, and the Last Minute Move

One Graduation, Frantic Funeral, and the Last Minute Move

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Life punched me in the face in 2016. It jerked me out of my senses. A smoothly paved road is easy to handle. We've all had life punch us in the face at some point. I was looking at one graduation, frantic funeral, and the last minute move. It's not the smooth road that challenges us and creates the character that will bring out the best in us. It's the road that curves, twists, and has massive potholes that have the potential to break our ankles that move and shifts us. Not all of what happened was unexpected. I[...]
The Painful Truth of Tourism And The Remarkable People That It Supports

The Painful Truth of Tourism And The Remarkable People That It Supports

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Pattaya reminded me of Las Vegas without the casinos. It's darker because it's primal. A place rooted in transactions. I imagined people asking, "What can I get? What can I give you?" It's the painful truth of tourism and the remarkable people that it supports. A Thai friend of mine called Pattaya the armpit of Thailand. Although I could easily put two and two together, however, I wanted to see it for myself. This part of Thailand isn't for everyone because it requires a particular palette. As a result, I didn't stay i[...]