Teaching in Thailand: 5 Reasons I Decided Not to Renew

Teaching in Thailand: 5 Reasons I Decided Not to Renew

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In all fairness, I didn't do too much research into what it's like teaching in different parts of the world. There were blogs that I read, but I also didn't want biases to affect my decision. I will go into detail later about what's it like teaching in Thailand: 5 reasons I decided not to renew in just a moment. I researched the various programs that I wanted to obtain my TEFL certificate, but that was it. I'm not sure why I went with this approach, but it all worked out perfectly. Thailand was a great introduction to[...]

7 Self-Care Tips for Traveling Solo with Anxiety and Depression

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I haven't been forthcoming throughout the years regarding my struggle with depression and anxiety. Depression has been a consistent theme throughout my life while manifesting into severe weight gain as well as hermit-like tendencies. I would appear and disappear as quickly as the sun would rise and set. At first, I thought, maybe this is just me being an introvert. However, in actuality, it was a bit of both: depression and anxiety. Often I would become anxious at the thought of being in a room filled with people while susta[...]

10 Things You Should Know About Thailand

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I have been living in Thailand for the last six months. Thus far, I’ve had an incredible experience. I’ve grown in ways that I never expected to. I’ve learned things that I never thought that I would learn. And of course, I’ve had fantastic food! But there are a lot of stuff that I wish I knew beforehand that could’ve made my experience a little more comfortable.